American Homes is available for sale on DVD.  
The DVD has two versions of the short film plus bonus content.  American Homes is the 12 minute version of the film that has been making the rounds on the festival circuit.  The American Idea of Home is a 25 minute version with narration by Gwendolyn Wright, Professor of Architecture at Columbia University.  In addition, Archaearium contains 11 minutes of bonus commentaries from 15 additional architects, artists and historians.
The two linked films offer an animated exploration of the American home.  The first gathers voices from the world of design and architecture that weigh in on what a house is and can be.  In the second, renowned historian Gwendolyn Wright offers a mind-bending tour of 1800 years of American culture through the lens of residential design.   


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The purchase price to ship the DVD to Europe totals $30: $15 for the DVD plus $15 for shipping costs.
Please contact info @ americanhomesfilm . com if you would like the DVD shipped to another country, to purchase multiple DVDs shipped at once, for educational pricing, or if you would like to pay by check.  
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