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Richard Meier appeared on the map in the public's mind in 1984 with a $1 billion commission to design the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California. But, even then he was already a prominent residential architect and has since become an iconic figure in residential design history. His is an interesting example of how commissions by the wealthy gave him the liberty to be highly creative, making innovative residential work which stretched common notions of modernism.

Meier was born in Newark in 1934 and graduated from Cornell University in 1957. He has been awarded the Pritzker Prize for Architecture. In addition to the Getty Center, his best-known projects are the High Museum in Atlanta, the Frankfurt Museum for Decorative Arts in Germany, the Canal Plus Television Headquarters in Paris, the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hartford Seminary in Connecticut, and the Atheneum in New Harmony, Indiana.

“I tried to create a new concept of space for spending free time and holidays, using human dimensions as a unit of measure.”
—Richard Meier