14th Voice

14th Voice

Michelle Kaufmann is a leader in the green design community. Kaufmann's commitment to affordable, sustainable, well-designed homes is reflected throughout her design work. Examples of sustainable home designs include the Glidehouse™, Sunset Breezehouse™, mkSolaire™, and mkLotus™, custom homes and holistic, green communities. She believes that our landscape is such an integral part of our culture that what we build, and how we build it, should positively impact the environment (rather than harm it).

Kaufmann received her MArch from Princeton University. She has taught at Iowa State University and Woodbury University. Prior to founding Michelle Kaufmann Designs in 2002, Kaufmann was an Associate with Frank O. Gehry. MKD was listed as one of "The Green 50" by INC magazine, and Michelle Kaufmann was listed as one of the top 100 people Who Matter Now by Business 2.0 magazine.

Michelle and her husband, Kevin, live in their Glidehouse home in Marin County.